• Do you suffer from dry, itchy skin? Or have you ever returned home from a nature outing with an unexpected (itchy) souvenir?

    Perhaps the cold, winter weather has your skin cracking and uncomfortably dry. Our Poison Ivy / Dry Skin Soap contains calamine, so you get all of the benefits of the lotion without the goo. Plus, the soap contains kaolin clay, a mineral renowned since ancient times for its pore-cleansing properties.



 ​"Lela's is the best braiding shop I have been to in the city.  Was it the largest? No, but it wasn't the smallest either.  I've seen them work on 5 people at once, max.  Was it the cheapest? No, but it didn't kill me either.  Did the staff remember me after a 6 month absence and treat me like I never left (read: cheated on them with another, more expensive salon?) YES, which made

me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  


-Nichele R.

Lela's Braiding Gallery
5550 Market Street.
Philadelphia, PA  19139




Monday to Friday 9am-6pm
Saturday 8am-7pm
Sunday - Special Appoinments


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