Tree Braids

The TREE BRAID Hair Weaving Technique is the most natural and undetectable method available.  Here, we combine classic cornrowing with bulk weaving hair to create weaves that are vitually invisible to the naked eyes!  This type of weaving contours directly to the shape of your head, so they are not bulky.  No longer do you have to worry about wefts "peeking" through or messy glue or thread.  The only material needed is the bulk (braiding) hair of your choice and you.  Go stright, curly, long or short - they all work perfectly with the incredible TREE BRAID.  Ms Alice, our Master Braider, can create any look or style desired.  Click through to see the TREE BRAID styles created at Lela's Braiding Gallery.

Micro Braids

Enjoy the versitility of the Micro Braids .  A good style for the lady on the go.  Wear it stright or curly, casual or professional. Pin it up or let it flow naturally.


 ​"Lela's is the best braiding shop I have been to in the city.  Was it the largest? No, but it wasn't the smallest either.  I've seen them work on 5 people at once, max.  Was it the cheapest? No, but it didn't kill me either.  Did the staff remember me after a 6 month absence and treat me like I never left (read: cheated on them with another, more expensive salon?) YES, which made

me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  


-Nichele R.

Lela's Braiding Gallery
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