• With 100% organic ingredients, Kathy’s Family prairie therapy conditioner is a reconditioning moisturizer that detangles, repairs damage and adds shine. Certified organic hemp oil, a rich source of essential fatty acids, promotes and maintains healthy hair and scalp. Natural grain extracts penetrate hair shafts for moisture retention. 8 oz.

    Ingredients: Certified organic floral water of lavender, hibiscus, lemongrass, steam distilled water, infusion of certified organic herbs; horsetail, rose hips, lemon, red raspberry, thyme, certified organic aloe vera, vegetable (colza) oil, behentrimonium methosulfate, certified organic jojoba, certified organic hemp seed oil, vegetable glycerin, wheat protein, amino acids, cetearyl alcohol, ceteareth 20 (vegetable derived emulsifier), tocopherol (natural vitamin e), caprylic acid (coconut derived emollient), glycine, lecithin, panthenol, pure essential oils, potassium sorbate.

    Directions: Following a perfect, thorough cleansing with Prairie Therapy shampoo, massage a dab of our conditioner the size of a raspberry into hair and scalp. Rinse completely.



 ​"Lela's is the best braiding shop I have been to in the city.  Was it the largest? No, but it wasn't the smallest either.  I've seen them work on 5 people at once, max.  Was it the cheapest? No, but it didn't kill me either.  Did the staff remember me after a 6 month absence and treat me like I never left (read: cheated on them with another, more expensive salon?) YES, which made

me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  


-Nichele R.

Lela's Braiding Gallery
5550 Market Street.
Philadelphia, PA  19139




Monday to Friday 9am-6pm
Saturday 8am-7pm
Sunday - Special Appoinments


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