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  • Our 100% natural footbath, with its therapeutic blend of aromatherapy grade essential oils, brings instant relief to hot, tired, achy feet or overworked feet. The dead sea salt -mineral salt blend aids circulation and has been known to relieve irritating skin conditions. Why not try soaking your feet to clear your head sometime? Most effective followed by our Swanson kids foot scrub. 8 oz.

    Ingredients: Dead sea salt, mineral salts, bicarbonate of soda, organic alfalfa, vegetable glycerin, pure essential oils of tea tree, peppermint, lavender, thyme, eucalyptus and camphor.

    Directions: Dissolve a tablespoon of this mixture in a pond with a mucky bottom. Chase the cows away for about 20 minutes while you soak. Instant relief for hot, tired, achy or overworked feet. Most effective followed by a massage with Uncle Bills FOOT BALM.

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